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Taking the permit test can be a stressful and daunting task, so we have put together resources you need to pass your permit test with confidence – 100% Free!

So put your credit card away, and start preparing for your permit test!

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Driving freedom in 4 easy steps

Read the Driver’s Manual

Choose your State and read through our simple manuals. We carefully sort the content so learning becomes easy! The most important concepts are highlighted so you’ll never get caught by surprise.

Take interactive practice tests

We design up-to-date practice tests that are just like the ones you’ll take on the day of your permit test.

Practice makes perfect!

Review road signs and cheat sheet

Don’t get tricked by those traffic signs! Use our road signs section to make sure you know them like the back of your hand.


And don’t forget to head over to our cheat sheet and practice the toughest of all the questions. Then you’re ready for the final step:

Pass your official permit test

Show them what you got and get on the road! After practicing with us, you’re sure to pass the permit test the first time around.

Why Permit Test Practice?


We’re dedicated to providing equal-access driving education. We provide completely free permit test practice exams so you can ace your test. Study for your State’s official learner’s permit exam with our professionally developed permit tests, flashcards and cheat sheets!

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