When driving around trucks, which of the following should you avoid?

Correct answer

  • Cutting off a truck in traffic to reach your exit or turn
  • Lingering alongside a truck when you are passing it
  • Trying to pass a truck on the right when you've seen it swing left


In general, try to keep your distance from large vehicles like trucks or buses. Follow these guidelines: 1) After passing a truck or bus, do not cut in front of it too soon. Trucks and buses need nearly twice the time and room to stop as cars do. If you cut right in front and then slow down for some reason, you could get rear-ended. 2) Trucks and buses have large blind spots, called No-Zones, on all four sides. (The No-Zone on the right side of a tractor-trailer runs the length of the trailer and extends out three lanes.) Don't linger in any of the No-Zones. If the vehicle's driver doesn't see you and tries to turn or change lanes, you could be in trouble. 3) Large vehicles like trucks and buses may need to swing to the left before turning right. If you see a truck or bus swing left, don't try to pass it on its right; it may be about to turn right. Check its turn signals. 4) Never cross behind a truck that is backing up. Hundreds of motorists are killed or injured each year by ignoring trucks that are backing up.

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