Driving in fog – Dos and Don’ts

riving in fog is like driving with a blindfold on. It’s the most dangerous driving hazard and should be taken seriously. Here is some tips on how to drive safely in fog.

Don’t Use Excessive Speed

When it’s foggy out the road can be wet so don’t drive too fast. Not only can you not see but you run the risk of hydroplaning as your tires lose their grip on the road. The faster you drive the worse this can be and in fog your risk of hitting someone is greatly increased. If there’s ice in the road this can just make things worse so in fog be sure to slow down and drive with extreme caution.

Don’t Use Cruise Control

Be sure not to use the cruise control in fog as you don’t have complete control yourself to stop suddenly if you need to. Adjust your speed and keep your eyes on the road as you can’t see cars coming in dense fog until they are right upon you and by that time it’s too late.

If You Don’t Need to Drive Stay at Home

If you don’t need to drive then stay at home. Fog conditions make driving very difficult and dangerous. Unless you absolutely have to be on the road stay at home until the fog clears or reduces enough that you can see.

Don’t Pass

Passing is really a bad idea in fog. Since you can’t see the cars ahead you could try to pass and go head first in to another vehicle before you even realize it. Never pass anyone in thick fog.

Do Turn on Your Fog Lights

Be sure to turn on your low beams and fog lights when it’s foggy out. This will help others see you through the fog sooner so they have a chance to react to you. Be sure not to use high beams which cause glare and make it harder to see for the other driver.

Be Sure to Slow Down

Be sure to slow down and take your time. Fog drastically reduces your reaction time so even going slightly below the speed limit is recommended, especially if the fog is dense and thick.

Do Increase Your Following Distance

Stay well back of vehicles ahead of you. They can stop suddenly and the fog makes it difficult to see if they have stopped or not. Stay back and follow at a safe distances. Use more room than you normally would.

Turn off All Distractions

Turn off all electronic devices and even the radio. You need to give fog your full attention.