West Virginia DMV Road signs (2022)

Warning Signs

Warning signs highlight existing conditions, such as curve, school, dead-end street, or traffic signal. They can also warn of possible dangers such as bumps, bicycles, low-flying aircraft, or emergency vehicles.
These signs are either yellow or fluorescent yellow-green in color and are usually diamond shapes.

Y intersection sign

Y intersection

Yield sign ahead sign

Yield sign ahead

Winding road sign

Winding road

U turn sign

U turn

Two way traffic sign

Two way traffic

Truck rollover sign

Truck rollover

Truck escape ramp sign

Truck escape ramp

Traffic signal ahead sign

Traffic signal ahead

T intersection sign

T intersection

T end road sign

T end road

Stop sign ahead sign

Stop sign ahead

Soft shoulder sign

Soft shoulder

Slow vehicle sign

Slow vehicle

Slippery road sign

Slippery road

Sharp right turn sign

Sharp right turn

Sharp left turn sign

Sharp left turn

Sharp curve arrows sign

Sharp curve arrows

Sharp corner sign

Sharp corner

School crossing sign

School crossing

School bus stop sign

School bus stop

Roundabout sign


Road narrows sign

Road narrows

Railroad crossing sign

Railroad crossing

Pedestrian crossing sign

Pedestrian crossing

No passing zone sign

No passing zone

Narrow bridge sign

Narrow bridge

Merging traffic sign

Merging traffic

Maximum clearance sign

Maximum clearance

Low ground clearance sign

Low ground clearance

Loop sign


Livestock sign


Left or right double arrow sign

Left or right double arrow

Lane ends sign

Lane ends

Lane divider sign

Lane divider

Lane added sign

Lane added

Intersection curve sign

Intersection curve

Gradual curve sign

Gradual curve

Four way intersection sign

Four way intersection

Fire station sign

Fire station

Farm vehicle sign

Farm vehicle