Road Rules

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Indicators and Signals

Indicators and Signals

Blink and you might miss it! 😳 Use your trusty blinker when changing lanes, turning, or getting cozy with a curb. But hold up, hotshot! Remember these key tips:

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Get ready for some signal-slinging fun! Here’s the lowdown on when to flip that blinker switch:

SituationSignaling Tips
100 feet before turningPerfect! You’re a signaling superstar.
Shifting lanesMirror-check, shoulder-glance, blind spot peek, and signal – it’s the four-step dance of the road.
Freeway lane-switchingGive ’em 5 seconds of blinker action before making your move.
Cozying up to the curb or bidding it adieuSignal, my friend, signal!
No other cars aroundPsh, signal anyway. Make it a habit; who knows when it’ll save your bacon?
Turning after an intersectionDelay that signal game, or others might get confused and dart out in front of you. Wait till you’re nearly through, then let that signal shine!