Road Rules

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Road Lines and Arrows

Road Lines and Arrows

Let’s talk about the lines and arrows painted on the roads. 

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  • A white lane line separates vehicles moving in the same direction. If these lines are broken (have gaps between them) that means it is safe to pass another vehicle. 
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  • If the line is solid that means you may not pass unless it is to avoid a hazard.
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  • If the white lines are double and solid, all passing is prohibited.
  • A yellow solid center line separates vehicles moving in opposite directions. 
  • If this line is broken that means you may pass with care if no oncoming vehicle is present. 
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  • If the yellow line is solid on your side and broken on the side next to oncoming traffic that means you may not pass but they can. If it is broken on your side but solid on theirs that means that you can pass but they cannot. 
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  • A double solid yellow line indicates you may not pass. 
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Only exception – You can cross over or perform a U-turn across a single set of double yellow lines if you are entering or leaving a driveway on private property. 

There is a second type of double solid yellow lines, but these are spaced out at least two feet apart. These are a barrier and should not be crossed. 

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