Road Rules

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Safety Margin

Stopping Distance

πŸ›‘ πŸš™ This is the combination of your reaction distance and your braking distance. Basically, it is unlikely you can make a quick stop when driving. You will always need space to take your vehicle from driving to stopping quickly, especially in poor weather conditions or with older brakes.

Braking DistanceReaction DistanceTotal Stopping Distance
120 feet at 30 mph44 feet164 feet
360 feet at 60 mph132 feet492 feet

In rain, you need double the stopping distance you do in dry weather conditions. So, make sure to slow down when the skies open up!

Your brake lights will let other drivers know of your intention to stop, but don’t assume they will immediately notice your lights. You may tap your brake pedal a few times to indicate you will be stopping, especially if there is a collision ahead.

When stopping, take your time to look behind you to ensure you will not be hit by a driver who has not yet noticed your brake lights. Remember, patience is key, even if you’re in a rush to grab some donuts on the way home. 🍩