Road Rules

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Know Your Car

Seatbelts and Child Restraints

Seatbelts: your cozy road trip embrace! Buckling up is the law, and as a driver, you’re on the hook if you or any under-16 passengers go beltless (yowza!). So, make sure you and your crew are snug as bugs before hitting the road.

For the grown-ups, just pull the lap belt and shoulder harness across your body and click it in place. Easy peasy! But for the little ones, it’s a tad more complicated:

Age GroupHeight & WeightSeat Requirements
👶 Tiny tots (<2 yrs)< 3’4″ and / or < 40 lbsFederally-approved, rear-facing car seat in the back row.
🧒 Kiddos (<8 yrs)< 4’8″Federally-approved car seat or booster in the back. Exceptions: full back row, no back row, rear-facing back seats, or medical reasons – front seat allowed.
🧑 Bigger kids (8+ yrs) ≥ 4’9″No car or booster seat needed – they’re ready for the adult seat belt!