Road Rules

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Passing on the Road – Make Sure You Do It Right!

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Passing on the road can be tricky, but with these rules, you can do it like a pro! Check out the table below for the dos and don’ts of passing.

Passing on the LeftPassing on the Right
Pass on the left of the vehicle in front of youOnly okay in specific circumstances:
Do not exceed the speed limit while passing– One-way street
Do not go off the road to pass– Vehicle in front is turning left and there’s another lane on the right
– Road has two or more lanes on your side of the road
Never pass a vehicle in the direction they are turning

How to Pass: 

Passing in a two-way street follows the same principles. Be sure you have enough space to pass.

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Step 1 — Turn on your blinker to signal you intend to pass. Remember, your blinker is not a secret message, it’s a way to communicate with other drivers! 🚘

Step 2 — Check behind you toward your blind spot. Unless you have x-ray vision, you need to make sure there’s no other car trying to pass you at the same time. Don’t want to have a fender bender in the middle of passing, do you? 😬

Step 3 — Drive into the lane next to yours. This is the moment of truth, the time to put your foot on the pedal and show that slowpoke in front of you who’s boss! 💪

Step 4 — Increase your speed to get past the vehicle. Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner speed demon, just make sure to stay within the speed limit. If you pass them too slowly, they might start to think you’re just a rolling chaperone. 😅

Step 5 — Go back into the original lane. Now that you’ve shown them who’s boss, gracefully go back to your original lane, and continue on your journey. Just don’t forget to turn off your blinker. It’s like taking off your party hat after a wild night out. 🎉

Tip: Don’t pass if you’re:

  •  Within 100 feet of a tunnel, bridge, intersection, or railroad
  • At a crossroad or a driveway
  • Approaching a curve or hill with no visibility
  • With less than 10-second gap from other cars on the highway